Hilda M. Smylie


My wife & I live in Hillsborough transplanted from NJ seven years ago. We
needed to have our house siding and trim painted but had little idea how to
find a good painter. We did know that Yellow pages was not a reliable
method so we asked around. We were recommended to Randy Parsons Painting by
our insurance agent at Nationwide - Randy was highly recommended.

First came the power washing. Randy was very thorough and ever mindful of
protecting bushes and foliage. He sprayed down all nearby bushes with plain
water before he started with the bleach/water mix on the house. He sprayed
all areas thoroughly and careful not to spray directly into soffit vents.
After each section was power washed he rinsed with plain water including
all the bushes and foliage. The house came so clean and bright we were
amazed. After allowing drying time, Randy returned to do the painting. He
and his crew were extremely professional every step of the way. On the day
the painting began Randy showed up with his crew - four total including
Randy. When my wife & I came out of the house Randy called his crew
together and introduced each of them. They went to work - preparing,
scraping, sanding and caulking where needed. They prime coated all prepared
surfaces. Each time they returned they covered all bushes and walkways with
rugged drop cloths before painting. The entire crew worked with quality in
mind - I watched them give great attention to details that I had not even
noticed. Randy and his crew showed themselves to be excellent craftsman who
care very much about the quality of their work. Randy and his crew live up
to the slogan on their sign "All About Painting - All About Pride". Randy
treats his crew with dignity and respect while keeping close watch and
provides guidance and instruction when needed. Being close to seventy years
old I have see many painters, I have painted myself and I know when I see
quality work - and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Randy
Parsons Painting to friends and co-workers or anyone who wants a job well


Mario & Nancy

Since purchasing our home three years ago one of the jobs on our to do list was to remove the popcorn ceiling from the entire house. It wasn't a job that we were looking forward to as we knew it would be extremely messy and disruptive. We decided to go ahead after receiving a recommendation to work with Randy Parsons Painting.  We certainly made the right decision! Randy and Daniel make an extremely professional and personable team. Throughout what was a very laborious job they maintained extraordinarily high levels of quality and efficiency.  They minimized the disruption to us and worked extra hours to ensure that we always had a clean living space to retreat to in the evenings. Overall we are thrilled with the new smooth, freshly painted look, and readily recommend Randy Parsons Painting to anyone looking for excellent quality and value. We will definitely ask Randy to to work on future projects with us.
Claire George, Chapel Hill 

When my wife, Lori, and I bought a foreclosure a year ago we knew we had a lot of work to do.  We painted our daughter's room and some of the other rooms in our house, but when it came to the parts of the house that our guests would see the most we knew we didn't want it to look amateurish.  Also, we have a high stairwell and I found the thought of getting on a ladder and trying to paint it myself to be intimidating.  Any ideas we may have had of doing the job ourselves were finally put to rest when Lori and I found out that another little one was on the way.  That's when we knew for sure that we were ready to call Randy.  Randy and Daniel had two coats of paint on our living room, stairwell and foyer walls in one day - and all before dinner!  It probably would have taken us twice as long to put on only one coat.  If we would have tried to do this ourselves it would have looked amateurish, and we may have made a mess on the stairwell or even gotten hurt.  
"I finally feel proud to have our friends come over and visit," Lori told me afterwords, "now we can focus on the nursery!"  mike shoe, burlington nc

Randy painted nearly our entire house (built in 1928, it has "character" which includes a lot of rope windows, base and crown molding, and plaster walls -- charming, but not east to work with!).  We were immediately struck by Randy's warm, knowledgeable demeanor.  I wanted a very specific product on our (considerable amount of) trim and Randy discussed the pros and cons with me all the while assuring me that ultimately he would use whatever product I preferred.  Randy rightly advertises that all of his work is completed with pride - we are thrilled with how our house looks now - but he also completes his work with a great deal of care for homes and the things and (most importantly) the people within them.  Randy answered all of my questions (both in-person, by phone, and over email -- I had a lot!).  He explained his work processes from estimates, to painting procedures, to clean up and when he and his team were finished (earlier than expected!), he spent over an hour with us in our walk-through. 
Randy's prices are great, his considerable references are excellent, and we highly recommend him.
Because we had such a positive first experience, we asked Randy to return to our home for another project.   Once again, Randy clearly explained the process, answered our questions, kept us informed about the process (even though we had some unexpected twists, we always felt confident that Randy would handle them with utmost care and professionalism), and made sure that we were satisfied.  We again highly recommend his excellent, thorough work.xt.
"When it came time to having the exterior of our home repainted it was a no-brainer to ask Randy to do the work for us given how satisfied we were with his previous work. We wanted a paint job that would not only look good but would preserve the condition of our house for years to come. Randy is the first to tell you that it's all about preparation, and once again we're very impressed with his thoroughness and quality of work. Randy and his team don't cut corners and they really do take pride in their work. We're thrilled with how our home looks and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Randy to anyone who values total professionalism."

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